Harbourside Apartments Application and Appeal, Bristol

Corylus was brought on board to resurrect a derelict site in Bristol which had been boarded up for some time and had developed a stand of invasive Japanese Knotweed.  Our challenge was to deliver planning permission for serviced apartments on this site within the Conservation Area.

Our client needed our planning and design expertise to work with the appointed Architect and achieve a design which would fit the narrow space, fit with the surrounding built form and fit within the historical context.

Using our multi-disciplinary skills, we identified key issues for the Architects to address, including matters of design, planning process and community engagement. We carried out consultation with local residents and community representatives and worked with officers of the Council on concerns including overshadowing and sunlight concerns, air quality, and access. Planning history and use class considerations were also important elements of our involvement. The design which was generally considered to address all the matters raised was initially refused by the Council’s planning committee, contrary to the Planning Officer recommendation.

Corylus was engaged to appeal the decision and we succeeded in removing one f the reasons for refusal almost as soon as we lodged the appeal. The appeal was permitted and the derelict site can now make a useful contribution to the city.

  • Planning

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