Large and Small-Scale Solar Sites, UK

Working with industry leaders within the renewables sector, Corylus is fast becoming a leading national expert in solar energy site consultation, sourcing and curating new sites to facilitate the next generation of commercial photovoltaic (PV) arrays.  We have extensive expertise in the implementation of cable routes, PV site planning and the next generation of solar technologies including battery storage. Prior to the end of government subsidies, Corylus achieved planning on a portfolio of large scale PV installations and we have been instrumental in the management of conditions precedent across multiple large-scale PV arrays.

Key services include:

  • Preparation of PV planning applications
  • EIA scoping
  • Protected species advice
  • Planning compliance reviews
  • Planning rectification for exisitng sites
  • Planning condition compliance
  • Cable route implementation
  • Landscape appraisal
  • Landscape management and implementation
  • Illustrative photomontages
  • Site finding & appraisal
  • Landscape master planning
  • Landscape and visual impact assessments
  • Sketch schemes and conceptual designs for consultation
  • Quarry restoration
  • Habitat creation and biodiversity enhancement
  • Energy

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