Long Acres Caravan Park (Extension)

The outline planning application was for the redevelopment of the existing caravan site to provide holiday accommodation for year-round use, a farm shop and associated infrastructure.  A Flood Risk Assessment (FRA)was required for the application.  With most of the Site being in Flood Zone 1, the main focus for the assessment was the development of a Surface Water Management Plan.

In spite of the low rates of infiltration based on site specific testing by Corylus, it proved possible to successfully exploit the gravel access roads and hard standing around the caravans as soakaways in our modelling.  However, where soils were not suitable due to being “made ground” or with impeded drainage, attenuation was used to mitigate the storm runoff.  The Report was favorably reviewed by the Environment Agency and the Lead Local Flood Authority.

  • Hydrology
  • Landscape
  • Leisure

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