St Genevieve Lakes, Suffolk

In 1989 a Quarry was granted permission at Park Farm by Suffolk County Council as a green field site and as such was designed with the after use of leisure and recreation in mind. Once quarrying ceased, the land was restored to a mix of species rich grassland and a series of lakes. This has created a diverse and thriving wildlife and ecology. The restoration of the land has delivered the opportunity for the creation of recreational, leisure and tourism facilities serving the locality and the wider area.  This will bring both economic and community benefits.

The design for the restoration will create cycle and footpath access from within the site to the nearby villages of the Fornhams and Culford with further links to public transport.  Biodiversity enhancement will be integral to the detailed design of all areas.  In a series of phases, the site will be developed to include holiday accommodation, visitor and tourist facilities, as well as areas of public and recreational open spaces.

  • Architecture
  • Landscape
  • Leisure
  • Planning
  • Masterplanning

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