Stonehenge Farm, Oxfordshire

Our challenge at Stonehenge Farm was to design a detailed working restoration scheme, with a view to have the site restored to a reed bed and extensive wetland habitat on a phased basis following mineral extraction. As the site is sensitive in terms of flood risk, ecology and landscape character; undertaking a landscape and visual impact assessment as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was key to the path to success. We also had to ensure our team project managed the intricate planning application, environmental impact assessment and subsequent planning appeal carefully. Our project consultancy involved providing expert witness at the public inquiry in respect of landscape and visual issues faced, as well as preparation of a 25-year management plan for the reed bed and other habitats to promote and conserve the long-term biodiversity interests.

The work also involved an extension to an existing sand and gravel pit, comprising the extraction of 1.5 million tonnes of sand and gravel from 59 hectares of agricultural land, to include the transportation of gravel via 1.5km of pipe line from the extraction site to the existing processing plant.

As a result of our multi-disciplinary skilled team combining efforts on this project, planning permission was gained for the development following a successful planning appeal and public inquiry.

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