Wick Quarry



Date: 2015
Location: Bristol
Sector: Leisure

Working with the land owner to create an innovative quarry restoration scheme. This greenbelt development delivered a scheme for a 300sqm dwelling and 20,000 sqft of industrial usage. Through the importation of inerts, the overall cohesive, phased masterplan was also able to deliver a nature reserve as part of the after-use.

Concept Design

There were a number of constraints and difficulties associated with this site: renovation associated with limestone, as well as foreseeable problems obtaining planning permission for a dwelling in the greenbelt. Corylus worked to agree a long term sustainable solution which included a private dwelling on a nature reserve and several industrial units.


Corylus developed and implemented an engagement strategy with the local community, parish council, elected members and other interested parties by arranging meetings, showing plans and sketches of the proposed restoration as well as arranging tours of the quarry-void. This conveyed the benefits of the proposed scheme, detailing how the proposal, if approved, could benefit the local area.

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